Patient Resources

Discharge Instructions for Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

Diabetes mellitus is a condition characterized by elevated blood sugar (hyperglycemia) resulting from either the lack of insulin secretion, the body not being able to use the insulin it already has, or both. Diabetes management involves controlling your blood glucose levels with good nutrition, exercise, and medications. Read More

Alternative Therapy Options for Congestive Heart Failure (Principal Proposed Natural Treatments)

When the heart sustains an injury that weakens its pumping ability it is considered to be a complicated state called congestive heart failure (CHF). CHF is a serious a condition that should not only be treated with self-treatment. The supervision of a qualified healthcare professional is essential. However, with medical supervision, some of the following treatments may be quite useful. Read More

Patient Discharge Instructions for Atypical Chest Pain

Atypical chest pain is a short, sharp pain in the muscle and tissue usually felt in the left chest, throat, shoulder, abdomen, back, or arm. It can be due to anxiety or a several different physical causes such as pulled muscle. Read More