Long Term Acute Care


A Long-Term Acute Care facility (LTAC) is a specialty-care hospital designed to care for patients with complex medical problems that require special needs such as ventilator weaning, respiratory failure, chronic non-healing wounds, complicated infections, surgical complications, cardiac complications, nutritional management, closed-head injury, rehabilitation with complications for an extended period of time which can be up to but not limited to 30 days. 

Long-term acute care facilities offer more individualized and resource-intensive care than a skilled nursing facility, nursing home or acute rehabilitation facility can provide. Patients are typically transferred to a long-term acute care hospital from the intensive care unit of a traditional hospital because they no longer require intensive diagnostic procedures offered by a traditional facility. Yet, a patient may continue to require a higher level of care and need to be seen daily by an attending physician or provider, having 24-hour nursing and respiratory care, as well as rehabilitation services.