Our Specialties

The Hospitalist Model

The hospitalist model differentiates itself due to the dedication to inpatient care including acute, long-term acute, post-acute, and telehealth with limited outpatient clinical responsibilities. Much of a hospitalist’s time is devoted to delivering and coordinating care for a wide range of conditions affecting patients in a hospital setting including but not limited to direct patient care, admissions, discharge planning, utilization review, quality improvement and education. By focusing practices on the care of hospitalized patients and spending the majority of their day in the hospital, the providers are more readily available to the patient, families, and staff. As a result, patient outcomes and overall satisfaction are improved, lengths-of-stay are shorter and overall cost is reduced. Evidence-based models, education, and techniques are incorporated into all aspect of diagnosing, treating and educating ourselves, the patients, families, and nurses. A primary focus of Optimum Care Hospitalist Group is to improve quality of care and the care delivery processes. Our providers are actively involved in multiple processes to improve healthcare, serve in leadership roles, participate in the community and mentor students.

Some of the hospitalist-led quality improvement programs are:

  • Improving glycemic control and reducing hypoglycemic events
  • Prevention of hospital-acquired venous thromboembolism
  • Reduction of ventilator-associated pneumonia and improving care of community-acquired pneumonia
  • Consistent reconciliation of medications
  • Improving and standardizing discharge communications and processes
  • Avoidance of pressure injuries
  • Reduction of readmissions