About Us

Optimum Care Hospitalist Team

About Optimum Care Hospitalist

Optimum Care Hospitalists is the physician-owned healthcare organization with the focus to achieve excellence in patient care. We provide services in acute care, post-acute care and telehealth. Optimum Care Hospitalist was established in January 2017 and has rapidly grown into post-acute and also in the telehealth fields. Optimum Care Hospitalist is based on the business model of delivering quality of care in a cost-effective way. We have a strong business structure with excellent management, sound physicians and midlevel support. Optimum Care Hospitalist is ready for the next generation healthcare with the adoption of innovation, technology and close net relations with the hospital administration.

Our Vision 

“The care we need”

Providing effective, efficient, evidence-based quality of care that we want to see for ourselves while serving our patients.

Our Mission

  • To provide the best possible care.
  • Patient-centered care with the involvement of the family, paramedical staff, case management, midlevels and physicians.
  • To provide care where patient safety and quality is the main focus.
  • To establish a healthy working environment for the physicians and mid-levels so they can practice evidence-based medicine in the best possible way.
  • To work closely with the hospital administration to set the standards of care and to implant these standards to get the best results for patient care.
  • To provide services in acute care, post-acute care and telehealth and work closely with the primary care physicians to prevent readmissions.